Mission Statement

Our goal is to obtain good quality furniture from estate sales or upscale hotels that are under renovation and make it available on line to the general public or independently owned hospitality establishments at an extremely reasonable price.

Our Condition Rating on Furniture

Good – – – – – Good solid furniture serviceable as is but refinishing would make it look like new – * * *

Very Good – – A little touch-up would make this excellent – * * * *

Excellent – – – Ready for service little if any attention needed – * * * * *

What We Do

We are always looking for quality pieces of furniture and other home goods to offer our broad range of customers. We may source these from auctions, estate sales, or hotel renovations.

You may not know that most hotels are required to update their furnishings due to industry standards and franchise obligations, regardless of their age or condition.

When hotels are required to renovate or upgrade their furnishings, we assist in removing the existing furnishings to make way for the update. We are then able to offer you those high quality furnishings for your home, business, church, office, motel or resort.

Our Focus

Our primary focus is to provide motel owners a way of upgrading their rooms or a more extensive renovation that require new or newer case goods, we may have just what you are looking for.

Our secondary focus is to provide furniture and household items for families to upgrade their homes without having to spend a huge amount of money. Just changing out the artwork along with fresh paint can make a room look totally new.

Discount Code

We offer discounts to customers making volume purchases. Text or email me if you are interested in a large purchase and I can set up a discount code for you. NOTE: I am hearing impaired and must us text or email. Text number is 931-303-2319 Jerry